Regarding Nicolas Calas ///// A symposium, workshops and an exhibition about Nicolas Calas, his poetry, art criticism and writings. Modernism in Greece, Surrealism in France, Pop art in New York. ///// In collaboration with: Mata Dimakopoulou, Vassiliki Kolocotroni, Irini Marinaki, Konstantinos Stefanis, Vassilis Vlastaras /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Schematic Departures ///// A series of work sculptures, drawings, photographs. Routes, mappings, satellite charts. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Procession ///// Based on Mahler’s 1st Symphony and a folk legend – fairytale about the Hunter’s Funeral ‘Wie die Tiere den Jäger begraben’. The jocular ballad ‘Animals Bury the Hunter’ narrates the burial of a hunter and the funeral procession not composed of humans but wild animals. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Ocelot [The Travelling Emperor] ///// A constructed narrative on the dancer-art collector Alexander Iolas through a series of photographs and maquettes from his pastiche late-modernism Athens residence, the Villa Iolas. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Cicha [Cicha reprise] ///// Thessaloniki International Film Festival ///// A film in 2005 and a performance for 12 actors and dancers in 2007. ‘Cicha’ takes place against a backdrop of the dramatic scenery of Santorini and the empty urban terrain of Athens. Devising butoh elements, ‘Cicha’ tells the story of an exploration of the space between existence and non-existence, an evolved and reconstructed form. ///// In collaboration with: Olia Lydaki /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Aspahlt ///// In collaboration with: Serena Bobowski, Przemek Danowski /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Contemporary Traditions ///// Cinema Mikrokosmos ///// Art films, video-art, short films ///// In collaboration with: Myrto Papacharilaou /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Jan Wnek ///// A travelogue through towns and villages in Poland, identifying religious landmarks and socialist monuments and housing projects. A short document about the legend of Jan Wnek, a sculptor that lived in Southern Poland between 1828 and 1869 and is thought to be one of the pioneer aviators. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Inventory [Razekite] ///// An inventory of small constructions, sculptures and models, drawings and found objects on the idea of shelter, refuge, vessels, cells. Mundane and everyday materials from a forest and urban habitat. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Et in Arcadia Ego ///// Artists Collective ‘Omada Filopappou’ – 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 ///// A series of talks, installations, interventions and performances reflecting on the idea of the Arcadia as the Utopia. A different garden, a place for gathering, hosting discussions, reflections and contestations. A group research as a stroll through Nicolas Poussin’s ‘Et in Arcadia ego’.///// ‘Omada Filopappou’ members: Manty Albani, Kostas Christopoulos, Giorgos Giannakopoulos, Georgia Desylla, Nadia Kalara, Tina Kotsi, Nikos Papadopoulos, Tereza Papamichali, Angela Svoronou, Anna Tsouloufi-Lagiou, Mary Zygouri, Adonis Volanakis /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Auxlang ///// The ‘auxlang’ exhibition was a shared experiment that concluded in a three-day exhibition of in-situ artworks and daily performances. The idea that ran through the project was to investigate constructions of language and patterns of communication on a common ground, in a specific space, an abandoned Athenian Modernist residence ///// In collaboration with: Margarita Kataga, ‘Solutionartemporary’ artists’ collective /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Turning Twelve – On kissing, tickling and being bored ///// A project on childhood and a group exhibition. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Plac zabaw – Playground ///// CSW – Center for Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle ///// A short documentary, workshops, concerts, picnics and a group show about the city of Warsaw. Children from primary schools and kindergartens interviewed and filmed by fine arts students. ///// In collaboration with: Eleni Oikonomou, Andrzej Zaleski /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////