Jan Wnek

A travelogue through towns and villages in Poland, identifying religious and socialist structures.
A short documentary about Jan Wnek, a sculptor and an aviator that lived between 1828 and 1869.


Jan Wnęk (1828 – 1869), is claimed to be an aviation pioneer that designed, constructed and flew a controllable glider around 1866. He was a sculptor and carpenter.
He was born in Kaczowka, a small village in southern Poland outside Tarnow. He produced numerous religious sculptures for the Odporyszow parish and constructed a flying machine, a glider named ‘Loty’ (Flight) out of ash wood and linen.
A model of what Jan Wnek’s Loty might have looked like is exhibited at the ‘Ethnographic Museum of Krakow’ along with his sculptures. His sculptures may also be seen at the ‘Jan Wnek Parochial Museum at Odporyszow’ .